A list of FAQ’s which may help answer that question or concern.

Does it matter if my Plasterboard waste is stored outside and is wet?

No, we do not mind if plasterboard waste has been rained on etc. However if the material in question is extremely damp (i.e like sludge) then call us first for advice, however even then it shouldn’t be an issue.

How much contamination in waste plasterboard received is permitted?

We have no hard and fast percentage for this. We do appreciate that we are dealing with a waste and that items such as wall screws, wallpaper and the odd peice of plastic will be present on occasion.

For reference we cannot accept loads with any quantity of asbestos present. Big lumps of concrete, glass, bricks and metal also cause us problems and should be removed from loads.

Do we provide a collection service?

We provide a nationwide collection service in bulk tippers, walking floors and more locally, skip lorries.

Can we provide information to satisfy my Duty of Care obligations?

You will find many downloads on this site which will provide most if not all information needed. Call us or email for more info if required.

Plasterboard Recycling

Plasterboard and gypsum based building products are widely used construction products which demonstrate many advantageous properties including low flammability, high strength and relatively low cost. However, after fulfilling its intended purpose, special disposal considerations need to be taken into account. Around 1 million tonnes of Gypsum waste is produced annually.