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Industrial Energy and Minerals

Energy and carbon are both vitally important in the steel manufacturing process

Hatfield Energy Ltd is one of the UK's largest Energy suppliers into heavy industry.


  • We are open - our business hours remain unchanged.
  • We have implemented a number of new policies on site to deal with the risks associated with the Pandemic.
  • You will be advised of specific protocols on arrival to site via an intercom.
  • We do not expect tipping times to be effected.
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Carbon is an essential part of the manufacturing process of steel.

Iron is created by adding carbon and iron oxide together along with heat (courtesy of a blast furnace). The carbon, being more reactive than the iron, takes the oxygen molecules and iron metal remains. Carbon is then added to the iron along with other alloying metals to create steel. There are numerous worldwide projects underway focussed on making steel without the use of carbon. One day this will surely become possible. Today approximately 0.8 tonnes of coal or carbon is needed for every tonne of steel made.

Steel is an essential part of the manufacturing process for every item manufactured on the planet! From food production to cars, planes wind turbines and solar panels.  

 Hatfield Energy supply reclaimed and recycled carbons to replace the use of virgin coal and coke.

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